Volume Limited Headphones

What are volume limited headphones? 

Volumes limited headphones are design for kids and young children to protect their hearing.

In technical terms it means that the earbuds or on-ear earphones are not able to play music or audio that exceeds the recommended decibel range.

This feature is fixed for our kids headphones so they can’t accidentally or intentionally turn up the volume to unsafe levels for their little ears.

We recommend you always check the decibel levels in the specs of any headphones you might be considering for your child. 

The industry standard for safe kids volume limited earphones is an absolute maximum limit of 85 decibels as mentioned by Dr. Maithilee Menezes, an expert ENT-otolaryngologist. And that’s considered to be in the upper range.


Safe Kids Headphones Volume Limiting

And especially the way kids are these days. Getting sucked into their iPads and mobile devices for hours on end - the potential for hearing loss is so scary.

You do know what the reality is...

Cactus is responsible for designing their products for kids, teens and tweens.

We know the best children’s headphones are always the ones made for kids to keep their ears safe. It’s our top priority,

Rest assure that the new range of headphones have been produced to ensure music is never harmful to your kids ears, and our standards are strictly watched to ensure maximum safety through volume limiting so toddlers, teenagers and young children can listen to music for hours.

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