Is it safe for my kids to wear earphones or headphones?

How safe is it for my kids to wear earphones?


Well - it depends on what type of headphones your child or teenager will be wearing.

Kids headphones or over-the ear earphones are generally safe, there's only one essential feature that makes it safe and that the "Volume Limited" feature. The most important thing to lookout for is the audio levels and volume limitation of the headphones specifications.
Music, and movie soundtracks played at high volume levels will cause damage to the ears of your child. And kids listening to music at high volume for prolonged periods of time, will cause hearing loss.
A child's ear is smaller than that of an adult, and high volume levels are detrimental. And if a child is too young to know when loud is too loud- it's unsafe and there's a real risk of hearing loss.
Cactus watches recommends that kids under the age of 4 ie. small toddlers - should not put anything over their ears - as they are sensitive to sound. Regardless of what type of earphones they are. 

So when should you allow your kids to start wearing headphones?

When is it a good time to buy your child their first pair of earphones or headphones? 


If the earphones are made for kids - they should be safe for kids. Just make sure the headphones follow industry safety standards for volume limited headphones.
It's safe for your child to wear headphones that are volume limited to an audio level of 85 decibels. Any other earphones or in-ear earbuds are a no-no.
It's one of the reasons we have decided produce a collection of headphones for kids and teens. Designs that ensure the protection of the ears of the younger generation. All models are volume limited, and designed for safety and comfort.
The headphones from Cactus feature volume limited safety, offering true protection for your kids and teens ears, and the prevention of hearing loss. And they are also designed for comfort - for wearing headphones for long periods of time.


So, is it really safe for kids to wear earphones or headphones?

Yes. If they are volume limited to 85 DB max.
But If not - no it's not.

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