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Time Teacher - Pretty Kids Watch in Pink / Yellow with Flowers

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SKU : CAC-89-L55


The easy to read Time Teacher for Kids. It's the best fashionable girls watch that's beautiful and educational.

Our stunning new Time Teacher makes telling the time easier for kids.

The beautifully designed children's watch has To and Past on the face, and Hour and Minute on the hands; it is also colour coded for each half of the hour, with inner ring markings from 0 to 30 on the right side, and reverse markings up the left side [ to read 25 to, 20 to 1/4 to etc]

This watch is designed to help younger kids learn how to tell the time.



  • The perfect time teacher watch for young girls ages 5-10 years
  • Easy to read and tell the time -  educational face design
  • Colours inspired by Colourblocker style design: Pink & Yellow Design
  • Composition: Alloy case, nylon band
  • New trending 2017-2018 fashionable design
  • Movement: Japanese Seiko movement
  • Size: L 200mm, case W 27mm